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Friday, February 17, 2012

League of Legends players can learn from Jeremy Lin

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard about Jeremy Lin. He is the most talked about person in sports for a variety of reasons, including his unique background, his rise from last-on-the-bench player to superstar, and his contagious team-first mentality. I think LoLers can learn from his team-first mentality, especially because LoL is so focused on team play.

(1) Team-first mentality on the court. Jeremy has done a great job of getting the Knicks to play as a team. He is involved with almost every play and needs to know when to pass and when to score. If a teammate is left constantly open or is having a hot night, he is aware of that and plays accordingly. Conversely, he is comfortable with taking shots when the opportunity presents itself.

Similarly, players in LoL need to have a team-first mentality in the game. If your team needs a support character, then play one even if you're tired of playing supports. While in game, if you're jungling and don't need blue buff, give it to someone who can make better use of it. And of course, if you see an opportunity to win the game - put the game in your hands and win it. For example, if your team just aced the enemy team and you're certain your team can push for the win - push for the win!


(2) Team-first mentality off the court. Another great attribute about Jeremy Lin is his selflessness off the court too. Whenever he is interviewed, he rarely accepts any praise but instead focuses the attention on how well his team played.

LoLers should also deflect praise, but rarely ever do. In fact, it has been months since I saw someone who was praised in game deflect that praise onto his teammates. Admittedly, I am guilty of this too - instead of deflecting the praise to my teammates, I sometimes say "thank you" or nothing at all. The few times I have deflected someone else's praise onto my whole team worked out very well and helped the team continue to play cohesively.

(3) Willingness to learn/acknowledging errors. While Jeremy Lin certainly has played great over the past week, he has made several errors - which he readily admits. Not only does his admit his mistakes, but he also has shown a willingness to learn from them too.

Unfortunately, a lot of LoLers have huge egos and will not admit mistakes or show their teammates that they are learning. Far too often I see someone make a stupid move and then blame his teammates for the resulting chaos. Occasionally, however, I do see someone make a mistake and apologize. Even rarer, I sometimes see someone apologize and then make extra sure that the team understands that he has learned from that mistake and will not do it again. I am not suggesting that you apologize after every single mistake - but if you make a big one - e.g. you force your team to initiate a baron's fight when you shouldn't have - then it's worth apologizing to prevent teammates from quitting on you or becoming demoralized.

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