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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Top 5 signs you should queue dodge

I recently had a game where during the champion select phase of a non-ranked game, a voice in my head said I should queue dodge. I decided to go against my better judgment and played the game - but unfortunately it ended up being a waste of 30 minutes since the player that prompted my thoughts of queue dodging ended up feeding out of the gate. Just for reference, he falls into #5 below.

(5) Someone picks Kassadin, instant locks, and demands blue even though you already have a jungler.
Queue dodge!
(4) Someone picks Soraka after a different teammate has already chosen Sona.

(3) Someone who is last to pick calls "top" during the banning phase.
Queue dodge if someone calls "T.O.P."?
(2) The person in charge of banning fails to ban any champions.

(1) Someone starts trash talking a teammate for his choice of champion, resulting in a flame war between the two teammates.

Time to gtfo

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