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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Riven Guide

I am putting the symbolic "main" tag on Riven. I have been playing her since her release and after reading several guides and experimenting, I feel comfortable enough to write a brief guide on her.

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Using game theory to explain people's poor behavior in League of Legends

As anyone who has played solo queue ranked games has witnessed, many people in League of Legends  have a very weak psyche. The smallest amount of trash talking could create a snowball effect where the whole team falls apart. It may seem odd, then, why so many players talk trash to each other at the smallest mistakes. For example, I was in a game yesterday where my team and I were completely dominating the other team for the first 25 minutes. Then, one teammate makes the mistake of not running to mid and my team loses a 4 v. 5 team fight. This causes one player to call the other one all kinds of names and we eventually lost all momentum and the game.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Will Dominion "trammelize" League of Legends?

With the launch of Dominion, League of Legends has entered into a new era. We will soon see what effect, if any, this new game type will have on Summoner's Rift. I wrote earlier that I think Dominion will be unpopular because it does not require much champion skill but instead rewards map tactics that are unique to Dominion. I still think this is true, but admittedly Dominion will be very popular for the next few months. Because champion skill is unnecessary in Dominion, I am concerned that we will see Dominion dumb down, or "trammelize" the rest of League of Legends

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