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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Must have patience to survive Elo hell in League of Legends

Let me start by saying that when I first started taking screenshots of this game in League of Legends, I thought I would be writing an article similar to the one about Elo hell swinging both ways. I imagined typing a story about how the other team had two junglers, how they were being trolled internally, and how my team won the game in 20 minutes.
Enemy team has 2 junglers...

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Good way to improve concentration and mouse movement in League of Legends

As anyone who plays League of Legends (or any competitive game) knows, it's important to have good concentration and great mouse movement. Below is a link to a flash game that lets you work on these skills. Simply click on the plates as fast as you can - the only catch is that you can't see your cursor.

I found this link on reddit's League of Legends group, which is also a good resource for information regarding the game - /r/leagueoflegends.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Sometimes you just can't win in League of Legends

The common argument as to why there is no "Elo hell" is that your rating reflects your skill. Good players have good ratings and bad players have bad ratings. This is why good players can make new accounts and carry themselves from low Elo to high Elo.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Elo hell swings both ways in League of Legends

If you read any of the popular forums, you'll see people state that Elo hell does not exist and that everyone's Elo rating reflects their skill level. While I think this is partially true - I have no doubt I would lose the majority of games if I played against a 2000 Elo player - at really low Elo the stupidity of some players is borderline scary. Take the following game for example.

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Elo hell tip - escaping trolls in League of Legends

One important quality that every player must have when trying to escape Elo hell is knowing what players will try to screw you over (aka trolls). The earlier you know this, the better chance you will have of trying to resolve the problem. This may mean acting as a mediator, trying to calm the troll and/or your teammates, or playing more aggressively in the beginning to get more kills so the troll will be motivated to help the team win.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This video is an accurate representation of Elo hell in League of Legends

I found this video on youtube made by videogamedunkey. Although he plays his character well, it's fairly obvious that the other players suck (both his teammates and the opposition). This is how players will behave in low Elo - chasing enemy players when they are at low life, defending a tower when they have less than 100 hp, and even tower diving a character that has taunt (i.e. rammus).

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Escaping Elo hell in League of Legends - clairvoyance a necessity?

Clairvoyance is an often overlooked summoner spell - especially after its recent nerf. Every 70 seconds, you can reveal a portion of the map for 4 seconds. This spell essentially functions like a free mini ward. For example, you can use this spell whenever you or your teammates over extend and want to be sure the enemy team will not gank. In the laning phase, you can use this spell in the bushes to get a skill shot off on the enemy team. Or, if you're particularly creative, you can use this spell to trick the enemy into thinking you're not hiding in a certain bush (i.e. use clairvoyance on a bush where you're hiding and the enemy team will think you're not there because you wouldn't clairvoyance a bush you were in).

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Tribunal

My biggest problem with League of Legends is how many of the players behave. From racist comments to trolling, some players behave very poorly.

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Learning new things everyday - minion health in League of Legends

I recently learned that you can view a minion's health the same way you can see an enemy champion's health (I named this blog noobieLoL for a reason...). Simply click on the minion and you can see its health. This is very helpful when trying to last hit and particularly helpful when using Cho'gath's ultimate.

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