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Friday, August 26, 2011

Gaining Elo via solo queue ranked in League of Legends - jungling

I am in "Elo Hell." I made the mistake of playing ranked games when I wasn't ready for them. As a result, I played several games where I was either average or below average when compared to the rest of my team. I have learned my lesson and only play ranked with champions that allow me to win the game for my team.

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Good to know - maximum cool down reduction is 40%, and it is additive

For the longest time I have wondered what the maximum cool down reduction (cdr) was - I knew it wasn't 100% but I could not find a definitive answer. Today I learned that the maximum cdr is 40% and is additive, which means that if you stack 2 15% cdr items, your total cdr will be 30%. 

While maximizing cdr isn't the best idea for every champion, I think it's useful for champions like Cho'gath that are reliant on abilities with long cooldowns.

Source (confirmed by a Rioter):

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blog about the PC game, League of Legends

This blog is focused on the PC game, League of Legends. For more information about the game, visit Download and play the game for free here.

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