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Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting bored with League of Legends? Learn a new role, such as a stealth character..

One reason I continue to play League of Legends is because of the game's re-playability. Like other multiplayer games, each LoL game is different because you are playing with and against real players. Unfortunately, even this can become repetitive, particularly if you play one type of character. One way to refreshen LoL is to play a different character type. Most people divide the champions into 3 categories: carry, tank, and support. But I think there is a 4th category that is so unique that only 2 champions exist in it - pure assassin (i.e. Evelynn and Twitch).

These characters are radically different from any other champion because they are the only champions who play like pure assassins from classic RPGs. They rely on stealth to find opportunities to strike. Take Evelynn, for example - throughout most of the game, she cannot stand toe to toe with any non-squishy champion. Instead, she needs to coordinate ganks with her own team or look for a champion low on life. Like assassins from classic mmos (ie Dark Age of Camelot's nightshades), she can kill all squishies quickly and reliably.
I have always enjoyed the traditional assassin-type characters. They are unable to withstand a long fight, but there is a tremendous amount of strategy involved when determining when to fight. Watching someone's health drop quickly is also great fun. Furthermore, assassins have the advantage of providing great scouting reports. This was true in DAOC when rogue-type characters would look for the enemy's position. This is also true in LoL - few things are more enjoyable than standing next to an enemy jungler and 1-shotting him while stealing his buff.

To be effective with any of the stealth champions,  you need to play as a roamer so you can provide fast scouting and move quickly between lanes to gank. As for builds (at least with Evelynn), I suggest rushing boots of mobility followed by a sheen. The rest is up to you, but Trinity Force is great on her too.

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