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Friday, September 2, 2011

Sometimes you just can't win in League of Legends

The common argument as to why there is no "Elo hell" is that your rating reflects your skill. Good players have good ratings and bad players have bad ratings. This is why good players can make new accounts and carry themselves from low Elo to high Elo.

But this isn't always true, and a recent game illustrates this point. During the banning phase, the player in charge of banning (we'll call him "W") bans Yorick and nobody else. He says he thought he was picking his champion and didn't mean to ban him. While he is slowly typing this, he neglects to ban a second champion. Our team then asks him to pick Amumu so the other team can't pick him and so one of our players can play him. He picks Taric and says that he doesn't know how to play Amumu - he is unaware that you can trade champions during draft phase.

Once the game starts, the whole team is understandably upset, but we tell each other we'll do our best and win. I decide to lane with W because I figure the combination of Taric and Akali (my champ) will allow us to get some early kills. I tell W to only last hit, but he refuses and tells me we win games by killing towers and not champions. Of course, we push top lane to the tower and W dies. And dies. And dies. Within 10 minutes he has 5 deaths, all to the same person (Kennen). By this time, our Ashe has raged quit, so it's effectively a 5v4 (really more of a 3v6).

After the game is over, he calls us all noobs and yells at us for lecturing him.

He says that he has many more wins than all of us therefore we shouldn't be lecturing. Turns out he doesn't know that we can see his wins.
This was how many of my recent ranked games have played out. In fact, out of my last 4 ranked games (all losses) 3 were the result of 1-2 players who didn't know what they were doing.

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