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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Riven - the most fun I've had with a champ in a while

Although I have been blogging about League of Legends for a while now, I have not spent too much time discussing individual champions. Today, however, I want to discuss Riven, the newest champion in League of Legends.

Riven was designed by Xypherous, who also designed Orianna and Renekton (source). Like Renekton and Orianna, Riven is a very unique champion. She is designed to be a combo champion, which is quite apparent from how her "q" functions. A typical combo would be q-q-w-q, with the final q causing a knock up.

I like Riven because of her unique play style and the emphasis on damage. All of her skills scale with AD, so the best builds will emphasize AD items. There is a lot of debate on how to build her - I used to build Atma Impaler + Warmogs, but I found that this build sacrificed way too much damage. Now, I build:

Doran's blade -> boots (usually defensive, either magic resist or armor) -> Brutalizer -> Infinity Edge.

This gives you enough damage to get some kills early game and will make you a threat all game. I typically jungle with Riven because I think she is one of the worst laners. When I jungle, I don't change the build at all - I still get Doran's blade. This, more than anything else, will help you do well with Riven. By starting with Doran's Blade, you'll have good damage early game and this will greatly increase your chance of either getting a kill or an assist before level 6. You'll also be able to start building brutalizer much sooner, which will greatly increase your damage early game. From there, you can just snow ball into more kills and better items.

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