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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Must have patience to survive Elo hell in League of Legends

Let me start by saying that when I first started taking screenshots of this game in League of Legends, I thought I would be writing an article similar to the one about Elo hell swinging both ways. I imagined typing a story about how the other team had two junglers, how they were being trolled internally, and how my team won the game in 20 minutes.
Enemy team has 2 junglers...
Indeed, the game started off in typical troll-like fashion, with the enemy team asking us to report their players and with them telling us their plan to surrender in 20 minutes. There was also bickering between the two junglers - Udyr and Fiddle.
All signs point to the enemy team falling apart

Unfortunately, Elo hell means that there is a good chance that my teammates are dumb as rocks. Within 5 minutes, my team had 2 deaths. Within 10 minutes we had 5 deaths. It was clear that my teammates Akali and Tryndamere were complete garbage. They each died multiples times in bottom lane and ended up feeding the enemy team's Leona and Tristana. Once the enemy team realized that my team was incompetent, they stopped fighting with each other and worked as a team.

Team can't even surrender properly - gotta love Elo hell in League of Legends
We lost this game and this may be the worst lost I've ever experienced in League of Legends. I've played with incompetent players before, but usually it was just one bad player. In this game, three of my teammates may have been hit with the dumb-stick a few too many times.
Yes, we just lost to a team with 2 junglers

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