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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I love the Tribunal in League of Legends

Riot created the Tribunal in League of Legends to help police the community and to ban troublemakers from the game - my writeup on the Tribunal is here. Every so often I see a player come to the official League of Legends forums and cry about being unjustifiably banned. Usually, their argument is "I was banned but I didn't do anything, why didn't Riot give me any explanation?"

Well, below is one such example of where Riot did provide an explanation. Here, the thread's author complains about being banned without any explanation and tries to draw support from the community.

Now comes the awesome part - Pendragon (Director of Community Relation for Riot) responds with a word cloud containing the most common words people used in their reports to describe the thread's author.

Yeah, over 160 reports - the OP is definitely innocent.
No surprise that "troll" is the most common word.
 Moral of the story - don't ever feel bad for people who cry on the forums about being banned. They're very likely trolls and have ruined the play experience of many players.

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