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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Tribunal

My biggest problem with League of Legends is how many of the players behave. From racist comments to trolling, some players behave very poorly.

Fortunately, Riot created the Tribunal, which is an innovative way to clean up this mess. Players within the community are part of the Tribunal. The Tribunal reviews reports for players who have been reported on multiple occasions. Each member of the Tribunal can choose to either punish or pardon an offender. If enough members of the Tribunal reach the same conclusions, then the offending player is either punished or pardoned.

Riot provides a small IP incentive for those who vote with the majority of other Tribunal members. The IP amount is small (~10 IP per correct vote), but the main reward is knowing that you're cleaning up the community.

Tribunal owns

Here's a link to participate in the Tribunal (also includes more information about it): Tribunal.

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