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Friday, August 26, 2011

Gaining Elo via solo queue ranked in League of Legends - jungling

I am in "Elo Hell." I made the mistake of playing ranked games when I wasn't ready for them. As a result, I played several games where I was either average or below average when compared to the rest of my team. I have learned my lesson and only play ranked with champions that allow me to win the game for my team.

Up until recently, I thought the only way to succeed in solo queue was by jungling. Two solid choices for low-Elo jungling are Lee Sin and Tryndamere. Lee Sin is a strong jungler, his life steal and shield results in him taking little damage in the jungle and his q+e combo means he can gank easily. For guides, I would recommend this Lee Sin guide (from

I think Tryndamere is a weaker jungler, but his end game is far superior to Lee Sin. In fact, Tryndamere can completely wreck teams late game (at least at low ELO). If, however, the opposing team is smart they'll use crowd control on Tryndamere to make it hard for him to get into melee range.It is for this reason that I take cleanse on him, instead more conventional spells like flash/exhaust.

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