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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Escaping Elo hell in League of Legends - clairvoyance a necessity?

Clairvoyance is an often overlooked summoner spell - especially after its recent nerf. Every 70 seconds, you can reveal a portion of the map for 4 seconds. This spell essentially functions like a free mini ward. For example, you can use this spell whenever you or your teammates over extend and want to be sure the enemy team will not gank. In the laning phase, you can use this spell in the bushes to get a skill shot off on the enemy team. Or, if you're particularly creative, you can use this spell to trick the enemy into thinking you're not hiding in a certain bush (i.e. use clairvoyance on a bush where you're hiding and the enemy team will think you're not there because you wouldn't clairvoyance a bush you were in).

I hardly see anyone take this spell in ranked games at my Elo, which is surprising because nobody in my games will buy wards. Most people say that only supports like Soraka and Sona should take clairvoyance because they only need one summoner spell (flash). Unfortunately, hardly anyone in my Elo will pick support characters.

Clairvoyance lets you push with safety
In Elo hell, it is rare for anyone to buy wards and having a mini ward every 70 seconds can potentially be a game changer. Indeed, I have prevented ganks and have pushed towers because of this spell. Unfortunately, because I tend to pick either a carry or a tank/carry in solo queue, this means I need to surrender a spell that could get me or my teammates a kill, such as ignite or exhaust. In the end, it comes down to weighing the costs/benefits of taking clairvoyance vs. a spell that could net a few kills. Assuming that I can case clairvoyance every 70 seconds, then in a 50 minute game, I can use it around 43 times. This is particularly useful late game when you're trying to determine if the enemy team is taking Baron or if your team has enough time to take it.

In sum, if you're determined to climb out of Elo hell, then you may want to consider taking a team-oriented summoner spell like clairvoyance. As many of you know, players in Elo hell tend to have low morale, and one successful gank by the enemy team could cause your whole team to unravel.

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