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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Elo hell tip - escaping trolls in League of Legends

One important quality that every player must have when trying to escape Elo hell is knowing what players will try to screw you over (aka trolls). The earlier you know this, the better chance you will have of trying to resolve the problem. This may mean acting as a mediator, trying to calm the troll and/or your teammates, or playing more aggressively in the beginning to get more kills so the troll will be motivated to help the team win.

In the screenshot below, you will see that the opposing team chose to ban Trundle. This is an odd ban, particularly at low Elo, because hardly anyone plays him and when someone does, he tends to suck with him (i.e. choosing to lane with Trundle instead of jungling).

Troll me you will not
Once I saw Trundle banned, I knew that my team stood a good chance to win. I also knew that the opposing team had a huge troll on their team. Right before this game started, I was matched on the same team as the troll. He was responsible for banning champions but he was either afk or chose not to ban the first champion. After the whole team yelled at him, he used our second ban on Trundle. Fortunately, someone queue dodged and I was placed on the team that was competing against the troll.

Sure enough, right from the beginning the troll was a jerk to his team - going afk for the first couple of minutes and refusing to help his team. Several of his teammates asked that we report him, which made the troll want to annoy his team more. Because the game was a 5v4 (or a 6v3), the opposing team surrendered within 22 minutes.

Of course, being a big believer in the Tribunal, I reported the troll - hopefully he won't be a problem in the future.

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