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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Elo hell swings both ways in League of Legends

If you read any of the popular forums, you'll see people state that Elo hell does not exist and that everyone's Elo rating reflects their skill level. While I think this is partially true - I have no doubt I would lose the majority of games if I played against a 2000 Elo player - at really low Elo the stupidity of some players is borderline scary. Take the following game for example.

During the laning phase, Garen and I went against Yorick and Singed. Within 5 minutes Yorick had 3 deaths, and our whole team continued to farm him all game. The biggest shock of all, however, was that Fiddle chose to build AD - yes, AD. In fact, he even bought a doran's blade as his first item (must have sold it to make room for his b.f. sword). And as could be expected, Fiddle lost mid lane badly to our Veigar.

On a side note, both Yorick and Yi had cool skins, but both sucked. I guess some people like spending money on skins before they're good with a champion.

AD Fiddle ftw

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